Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disney Halloween 2013

Halloween always brings out the little girl in me, I love this time of year!

Disney, also, has the unique ability to turn me back into a 13 year old girl--so, when they came out this year with a limited edition (only available for October 2013) of Disney Villians makeup bags, I was on a mad search to get the whole collection.

The bags are beautiful, with watercolor-like images of four favorite villians--Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid', the Evil Queen from 'Snow White", Malificent from 'The Sleeping Beauty" and Cruella DeVille from "101 Dalmations".

Along with the bags they released some wonderful matching makeup sets, hair bands, nail polish and decorating sets, and fun false eyelash sets.

Well, I ended up getting my set (yay!), and, because I enlisted the help of some friends,  also ended up with a few extra...so anyone looking for them (or even just wanting to see them--they are so pretty!), I've posted them for sale over in my new shop on Bonanza:

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Vintage 20's Bride--Fairy French Deco Style

One of my most cherished family mementos is my great-grandmothers wedding photo. It was displayed in the home of my grandmother when I was growing up, and I used to love to just sit and look at it, it was so beautiful and haunting.

Next to it , in a little glass box,was the incredibly delicate and lovely wreath of silk flowers she had worn as her bridal crown. My family is originally from Germany, and these floral wedding 'fairy' crowns were popular there--and throughout Europe-- during the teens and 20's deco era through the 1940's, You can sometimes find the very rare originals made in silk or wax flowers, and even exquisite metal filigree, even today.

My  floral bridal crowns are inspired by these vintage beauties.  (You can find them in my new etsy shop, Poppy Vintage Boutique: 


Each crown base is hand-wrapped with floral ribbon, then embellished one at a time with hand tinted  silk flowers, wired leaves and vintage jewelry findings. It is flexible, light and comfortable and can be worn tiara or headband style, however you wish, secured by clips or bobby pins that slide through the small loops at the back.

Each one is entirely hand created by me and one of a kind, so truly special keepsakes -- unique to you.  There will not be another just like it.

My flower bridal crowns come beautifully packaged in gift box tied with a ribbon, and a certificate of authenticity stating that it is an original Poppy Vintage Boutique creation.

Here are some that I have newly listed--there will be more to come, so please bookmark and visit often :)