Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disney Halloween 2013

Halloween always brings out the little girl in me, I love this time of year!

Disney, also, has the unique ability to turn me back into a 13 year old girl--so, when they came out this year with a limited edition (only available for October 2013) of Disney Villians makeup bags, I was on a mad search to get the whole collection.

The bags are beautiful, with watercolor-like images of four favorite villians--Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid', the Evil Queen from 'Snow White", Malificent from 'The Sleeping Beauty" and Cruella DeVille from "101 Dalmations".

Along with the bags they released some wonderful matching makeup sets, hair bands, nail polish and decorating sets, and fun false eyelash sets.

Well, I ended up getting my set (yay!), and, because I enlisted the help of some friends,  also ended up with a few extra...so anyone looking for them (or even just wanting to see them--they are so pretty!), I've posted them for sale over in my new shop on Bonanza:

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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